Pre-sales renovation works - how far should you go?

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Pre-sales renovation works: how far should you go?

We all know people love to see a clean and tidy home when they come to check it out. But, trust me, when it comes to do such a thorough cleaning, suddenly you will realize your house needs just tons of renovation before becoming actually sellable.

Actively living in a house will cause tons of heavy usage related issues. This is absolutely natural and these are things you get used to over the years. However when it comes to someone new seeing your home, things suddenly change. It may occur to you that your whole home would need to be renovated before it has even the slightest hope to be sold.

However it’s not good to go too far in these works, they are money consuming and also the new owner may not choose the same colors to paint the walls with as you do. So, how far then should you go? Let’s see what’s good and what can be avoided.

1.) If there is something to renovate let it be the kitchen

You wouldn’t believe how huge a role the kitchen has in your whole home. Basically, kitchen is the number one deal breaker when it comes to looking at the interiors of a home. Therefore, if you have any spare money for renovation or replacement let that be the kitchen. Have it all equipped as it can pump up the price very fine and it can further add to the attractiveness of the property.

2.) Give your home a clean white paint

White painting is the cheapest and has the most stunning effect on your walls. You don’t need to go any deeper than that in the renovations, leave it to the new owners. But a clean white paint can drastically change the whole look of your home from used to looking brand new!

3.) Except for the walls, anything else can be cleaned

Cleaning has a magical effect on a home. And now, we don’t talk about the normal swiping off. We talk about real deep cleaning. Where the carpets are cleaned, the windows are cleaned the curtains are washed, all the furniture is cleaned and most importantly, the tiles are shining. Lime scale has a very bad effect on the tiles and the worst of it all is, that it builds up so gradually that you wouldn’t even realize its present. Therefore clean or have the whole home cleaned very thoroughly. You won’t believe how much of a change it can bring.

4.) Pack out

Declutter, bring out all the trash, all the unwanted furniture, unused presents, and everything which you are not using. You can even do a quick garage sales to make a little bit of a pocket money for the painting. Most importantly, the more clutter free a home is, the cleaner and larger it will look. Also remove all the personal photos and paintings from the walls.

As you can see you won’t need tons of renovations on your home before selling only make sure of a new coating on the walls and that everything is clean and neat. Look into getting a new kitchen only if the current one is really run down.